Social media reaches and leads


Doctor’s and Hospital’s promotion is done on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

What we do?

We create doctor’s or hospital’s business pages in social media. Not just the creation of pages but the promotion is also done. Our main task is to spread doctor’s brand widely over all social media and that we do through spreading the brand in all groups.

Social media pages are created with the service centered high quality banners, which are used to attract relevant and potential patients.

We engage old and new potential customers via social media. Social media is great platform to publish new articles every week. Not even articles but also it is helpful to organize any event or camp.

Hopeland Online promotes Doctor or hospitals by preparing attractive and service related health feeds in the form of posters with their website urls and their contact numbers. We have a dedicated content writing team for medical services who are expert in creating specific and user friendly content.

So in social media not only posters or health feeds but also short content or blog posts are uploaded. Many doctors or hospital promote themselves by publishing  a small health video. This is also done here in Hopeland Online for all doctors.

We like to keep it simple and subtle. The procedure we follow is done with doctor’s approval. We see to it that each content published on social media, whether it is health feed post, blog or video is first approved by doctor or hospital we are promoting.

When the posts are published on social media we can also spread it widely via sharing it in a group. In this way the reach increases. Social media also has a paid option or promotion option. As many events and camps are organized by doctors and hospitals, we organize their paid events on social media via paid advertisement. We create an attractive landing pages which are designed to show event related or new technique related content, reading which the probability of  converting the leads for that doctor are increased.